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Whether you’re looking for ways to learn more in your current field, considering a career change, or wondering if master’s level coursework is for you, our eLearning series can give you exactly what you’re looking for — all on your schedule and within your budget.

Course Benefits

Leveled-up learning
Enhance your knowledge and boost your abilities in just 8 weeks.

Your class starts when you’re ready. 

Fit it in
These classes are a great way to preview how getting your master’s degree will fit into your life.

College credit
These classes can be applied toward a master’s degree at SEU!

Budget friendly
Classes are just $99 each!

Available Courses

ELEVATE your leadership skills

Leadership Theory Frameworks

Elevate your leadership skills by diving deep into leadership theory with Dr. Kent J. Ingle, emerge with a new framework.

Take charge of your emotional health by going beyond self care with faith-based strategies to transform your life.

Empower yourself to strengthen your church and turn challenging situations into transformational opportunities.

GROW Your Teaching Skills

Lifelong Learning

Grow your teaching skills as you blaze a new trail in your lifelong learning journey.

Transform your leadership strategies and harness the power of cutting-edge leadership tools.

Harness the power of cutting-edge leadership tools.

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