SEU Tech - Software Development - Back End Bootcamp

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Learn program server side applications and RESTful Web API’s using Express, ASP.NET, or Spring.

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33 Weeks

11 courses

1 Certificate

Total Cost: $4,050

Key Skills You'll Learn


Learn to effectively query existing databases for insights as well as creating your own databases.

Statistical Programming in R

Statistics are a breeze with R. Learn how to wrangle and visualize data in R as well as analyze data using advanced statistics.

Python Programming

Learn the basics of Python programming. Its easy-to-learn syntax will help you create effective data structures using packages like pandas and numpy.


Point-and-click functionality easily wrangles data and creates beautiful visuals

Big Data

Effectively manage large datasets using cloud computing and understand the complications with the 4 Vs of big data.

Machine Learning

Use Python to perform many machine learning algorithms like k-nearest neighbors, random forests, and natural language processing.

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