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Cybersecurity skills are in-demand across an array of industries. This bootcamp will give you the latest in this important skill set.

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33 Weeks

10 courses

Total Cost: $8,995*

*$8,100 if paid up front in full

Key Skills You'll Learn

Packet Analysis


This is a core technique in network forensics. Each packet captures network details to find data breaches, malware, and other cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Analysis

Be able to identify existing and potential threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks.

Python Programming

Learn the basics of Python programming. You’ll learn syntax emphasizes readability which can help rapid changes and quick de-bugging.

Wireshark and Nmap

Capture network packet information using Wireshark and Nmap tools to identify attackers.

Cyber Defense

Learn from industry experts on how hackers are attacking individuals and organizations, and how to defend against those attacks.

Agile Development

Learn the core principles of agile software development through repeatable, scalable, collaborative iterations while combining these with cybersecurity technologies.

Want more details?

SEU Tech’s  Cybersecurity Bootcamp will prepare you for a career in the ever-growing and in-demand field of cybersecurity in as little as 8 months! 

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Use real-world scenarios to focus on the fundamentals of network security, systems administration, network defense, and programming in the context of cyber security 
  • Utilize tools such as logging and monitoring, cryptography, and access management 
  • Get hands-on training on how to secure data, networking systems, and web applications from threats and vulnerabilities 
  • Forensic Computer Analyst 
  • Information Security Analyst 
  • Penetration Tester 
  • Security Architect 
  • Security Systems Administrator 
  • IT Security Consultant

As an SEU Tech student, you can count on job placement assistance including resume building, interview training, and help with identifying relevant positions.

To make our program even more affordable, you have two payment options! 

  • Paying in 6, zero-interest, equal monthly installments, totaling $8,995 
  • Or, prepay in full to get a discount, and pay only $8,100

Bootcamp Courses

  • Learn security fundamentals such as basic security concepts, threat actors and attributes, and organizational security. Look at how cyber security impacts policies, procedures, and frameworks. Learn how security controls business impact analysis. Create risk management processes for incident response and disaster recovery.

Get key network administration and support skills. Course covers media topologies, network support, and protocols and standards.

Security-focused system administration essentials are covered, such as: installing and configuring network components to support organizational security; OS familiarity; vulnerabilities; threats; security protocols; and secure system design.

Learn the essential hardware and software tools available to defend a network against cyber-attacks and to access the security posture of an organization. Learn how to identify the impact of vulnerabilities through penetration testing and vulnerabilities testing.

Instruction in the concepts and methodologies of Cryptography and Access management: cryptography algorithms to ensure safe transmission, storage, and use of sensitive information; account management techniques; and access management controls.

Train in one of the most popular programming languages in use today for general purpose applications, which can serve as a strong foundation for the rest of the program.

Receive the knowledge and skills to interpret and analyze the standard logs security technologies produce, specifically Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Introduction to forensics analysis and chain of custody.

Instruction in the theoretical knowledge and technical practices of Project Management and Web Application Security. This includes the practices and methodology for software project security, software development, and project management within the Agile framework.

Review of the fundamentals of threats and vulnerabilities, such as those pertaining to software, hardware, and society (social engineering). Learn to identify, compare, and contrast the different types of attacks and their impacts.

Perform a cyber security analysis within a collaborative group setting (SCRUM).

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