SEU Tech - Cyber Security Bootcamp

Learn the Skills You Need For A Career In

Cybersecurity skills are in-demand across an array of industries. This bootcamp will give you the latest in this important skill set.

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33 Weeks

10 courses

1 Certificate

Total Cost: $8,100

Key Skills You'll Learn

Packet Analysis


This is a core technique in network forensics. Each packet captures network details to find data breaches, malware, and other cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Analysis

Be able to identify existing and potential threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems and networks.

Python Programming

Learn the basics of Python programming. You’ll learn syntax emphasizes readability which can help rapid changes and quick de-bugging.

Wireshark and Nmap

Capture network packet information using Wireshark and Nmap tools to identify attackers.

Cyber Defense

Learn from industry experts on how hackers are attacking individuals and organizations, and how to defend against those attacks.

Agile Development

Learn the core principles of agile software development through repeatable, scalable, collaborative iterations while combining these with cybersecurity technologies.

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