SEU Tech - Data Science Bootcamp

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Learn Data Science online to tackle even the most daunting of data sets and transform them into the fuel for industry innovation. You’ll utilize computer science and applied mathematics theories and techniques, such as the modeling and decision trees employed in Big Data and Machine Learning.

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33 Weeks

11 courses

1 Certificate

Total Cost: $8,100

Key Skills You'll Learn


Learn to effectively query existing databases for insights as well as creating your own databases.

Statistical Programming in R

Statistics are a breeze with R. Learn how to wrangle and visualize data in R, as well as analyze data using advanced statistics.

Python Programming

Learn the basics of Python programming. Its easy-to-learn syntax will help you create effective data structures using packages like pandas and numpy.


Point-and-click functionality easily wrangles data and creates beautiful visuals

Big Data

Effectively manage large datasets using cloud computing and understand the complications with the 4 Vs of big data.

Machine Learning

Use Python to perform many machine learning algorithms, like k-nearest neighbors, random forests, and natural language processing.

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