Lifelong Learning

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Teach and on a New Level

No matter your professional and personal roles, a thorough understanding of human development and cognition is critical for successful leadership and relationships with others. In this course, Lifelong Learning, you’ll study learning theories, behaviors, supervisory models, tasks, and skills needed for informal data collection. The course also includes strategies for continuous personal improvement. Plus, you can apply the knowledge gained in this course toward a graduate-level certificate or master’s degree at SEU.

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Course Highlights

In this course you will:

Explore the lifespan of human development

Discover various facets of cognition, learning theories, and learning factors

Investigate learning environments and models in order to understand teaching and evaluation of learning and assessment

Learn from our world-class professors, who bring real-life experience and in-depth knowledge to your learning experience

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of human development to teaching
  • Apply knowledge of learning theory to teaching
  • Critically evaluate the results of applying this new knowledge
  • Design strategies for continuous growth, learning, and improvement 

Course Format

  • Progress expectations: Self-paced
  • Typical timeframe for completion: 8 weeks
  • Learning materials: Videos, books, articles
  • Professor interactions: Weekly (live and recorded online sessions)

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