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Refine and Refresh Your Abilities

In this course, Relational Intelligence, you’ll explore relational intelligence from a Christ-centered perspective. By exploring both self-awareness and social awareness, you will leave this course with a framework for building healthy, God-honoring relationships in various areas of life, including ministry and leadership.

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Course Highlights

In this course you will:

Develop intuitive conversational skills, including how to ask insightful questions, listen attentively, and remain fully present

Leverage effective practices for growing in empathy, likeability, and conflict management skills

Learn how to set healthy relational boundaries

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of relational intelligence more clearly
  • Evaluate the importance of relational intelligence from a biblical perspective
  • Analyze the power of relational intelligence in leadership and life

Course Format

  • Progress expectations: Self-paced
  • Typical timeframe for completion: 8 weeks
  • Learning materials: Videos, books, articles
  • Assignments: Practical assignments related to a framework leadership theory and responses to questions/essay prompts
  • Professor interactions: Weekly (live and recorded online sessions)

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