Self Care for Ministers, Lay Ministers and Mentors

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Through this course, you will explore the construct of self-care by conducting a series of self-analyses into your own self care practices. This exploration will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses and make improvements that will benefit you and everyone with whom you interact.

Note that this course is designed with a focus on people working either formally or voluntarily in a faith-based setting, including pastors, ministers and mentors. However, this course will benefit anyone interested in understanding and developing better self-care practices in both their personal and professional life, as well as anyone who wants to integrate their faith into their self-development and self-care practices. Plus, you can apply the knowledge gained in this course toward a graduate-level certificate or master’s degree at SEU.

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Course Highlights

In this course you will:

Identify key areas that tend to be impacted when a person does not practice self-care and the related consequences.

Explore a variety of self-care practices which address physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Write your own self-care and behavior modification plan based on everything you have learned.

Learn from our world-class professors, who bring real-life experience and in-depth knowledge to your learning experience.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify basic lifestyle factors that promote the healthy development of your body and mind.
  • Determine how to modify risk factors in preventing major health problems, including how to self-manage your physical, spiritual, and psychological health.
  • Recognize the physical symptoms and consequences of acute and chronic stress.
  • Implement a plan for your spiritual self-care and growth. 
  • Evaluate how to stay within your sphere of limitation and measure —related to your gifts and talents.
  • Analyze the physical and psychological antecedents that are indicative of burnout.

Course Format

  • Progress expectations: Self-paced 
  • Typical timeframe for completion: 8 weeks
  • Learning materials: Videos, books, articles 
  • Professor interactions: Weekly (live and recorded online sessions)

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