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Actualize Your Unique Purpose in 8 Weeks with Nona Jones

Discover How to Succeed from the Inside Out

SEU is excited to partner with Nona Jones to bring you this first-of-its kind, transformative learning opportunity. Unlike traditional leadership programs, Success from the Inside Out combines business strategy with trauma-informed practice to help you discover and break through the mental, emotional and psychological roadblocks that are limiting your highest potential. SEU is excited to be partnering with Nona Jones to offer this interactive, online program.

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I have designed every element of this experience to push you to a place of introspection because I personally believe that success isn't something we achieve externally; it's something we discover within ourselves.

— Nona Jones

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February 15, 2021–April 16, 2021

Delivered fully online

Private learning community

8-week curriculum

Your Success Coach

This course is led by the incomparable Nona Jones, best-selling author, business executive, entrepreneur, pastor, and global thought-leader at the intersection of faith and technology.

Course Objectives

This course will teach you how to:

  • Identify self-defeating thoughts and experiences that can be repurposed into levers for success.
  • Chart out a path to success that includes strategies for personal growth.
  • Discover your passion and build strategies to live it out daily.

By the completion of Heart Work, you will:

  • Identify areas of personal trauma that have formed unhealthy, hindering thought patterns.
  • Determine steps needed to release guilt, shame and bitterness toward present, past and future offenders.
  • Identify areas of comparison that are robbing you of activating your unique potential.

By the completion of Mind Work, you will:

  • Identify the non-priorities that have been allowed to occupy precious mental space and time.
  • Take ownership of mental space by clarifying priorities and eliminating non-priorities.
  • Build the intellectual roadmap needed to make progress toward personal goals.

By the completion of Getting Unstuck, you will:

  • Build a personal strategic work-plan to chart a path toward fulfilling success.
  • Identify the relationships needed to implement the strategic work-plan, as well as a framework for how to build them.
  • Implement a daily, spiritual development practice to stay grounded in healthy emotional well-being.

By the completion of Building Momentum, you will:

  • Implement the first phase of the personal strategic work-plan.
  • Implement the first phase of the intellectual road map.

By the completion of Moving Into a New Future, you will understand how to:

  • Turn inevitable failures into learning and growth opportunities.
  • Build gratitude, character, work ethic, curiosity, faith, and love for people

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This course will challenge, inspire, and equip you to achieve your goals. By learning the strategies Nona Jones herself uses, you too will be optimally productive and impactful in business, ministry and life.

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