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Develop Your Talents & Creativity

The School of Music at SEU encourages all students to find their voice in Christ and provides a firm foundation of music education that translates to today’s most in-demand musical careers.

Our students turn their natural talents into a polished art form through hands-on, personal instruction in written and aural theory, instrumental and vocal technique, music history and literature, worship leading, pedagogy, and performance etiquette. Our faculty members — who have degrees, training, and performance experience that range from large state schools to major conservatories — work to prepare you for a career as a professional musician. Our team has experience in classical, orchestral, pop, jazz, folk, film, and church music/modern worship performance.


Learn about the School of Music admission & audition process here.

Degree Programs

Student Opportunities

We believe that servant-leaders can be world-changers. We will help you develop your talents in ways you never knew were possible. Through practical experience, both on campus and in the community, you will discover how your musical talents and creativity intersect with God’s divine plan for your life.

Performance Opportunities

Music performance opportunities are open to all students, regardless of major!

Music Facilities

The School of Music is committed to excellence in every aspect of the student experience. Our facilities are an extension of that commitment in the provision of application-based educational opportunities to every student — no matter their field of study.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students who major in music or participate in music ensembles have the ability to apply for additional scholarships.

World-Class Faculty

As professional musicians with extensive teaching experience, your music professors will help you reach your potential and turn your God-given talent into a successful career. Our faculty are graduates of renowned schools and conservatories, and performed in some of the most prestigious venues in the world.

SEU Worship

While not housed within the School of Music, participation in SEU Worship is another wonderful opportunity to perform. Join the millions streaming — available on all digital platforms.

SEU Worship is represented by Sony’s Provident Label Group.

Get Started

Whether you are interested in majoring in music, or participating in a music ensemble, getting started is simple.

  1. Complete your SEU application at, and choose your preferred music major.
  2. Submit all required documentation using your personalized application link.
  3. Complete a Music Audition application by visiting this page and completing the fields under “Start an Application” on the left hand side of the page.
  4. Follow the guidelines to prepare for your audition.
  5. Attend a live audition, OR submit your audition video.

Please note: All music major auditions will be evaluated for degree program acceptance as well as scholarship awards. The outcome of your audition
will not affect your acceptance to SEU. 

After Your Audition

Students who qualify for their intended music major (based on their audition) will create a plan for degree completion. An assigned music faculty advisor or our music contact in the Office of Advising will assist the student in this process. Students who do not yet qualify are invited to audition again the following semester, while still proceeding with other classes required for graduation.

If music is your forte but you’re called to a different career, good news! We offer all students the opportunity to participate in our music ensembles.

Once you’re accepted to SEU, if you choose to take part in an ensemble you can also complete a music audition to be considered for a non-music major scholarship.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Complete a Music Audition application by visiting this page and completing the fields under “Start an Application” on the left hand side of the page.
  2. Follow the guidelines to prepare for your audition.
  3. Attend a live audition, OR submit your audition video.

For audition-related questions, contact our School of Music at 863.667.5144 or

For admission-related questions, contact your enrollment counselor, our Office of Admission at 800.500.8760, or send an email to

Q: I’m interested in joining an ensemble class but don’t wish to audition for a scholarship at this time — can I still get involved?

A: Yes, if you simply wish to register for a music course, then you typically are not required to audition. However, some ensemble directors may request a performance sample to assess your current abilities and make placement decisions. Classes that require an audition regardless of scholarship include the Brass Quintet and some Jazz Ensemble positions (i.e. drums, piano, guitar, bass, and vocals). 

Q: What if I can’t fit an ensemble class into my course load?

A: If you are unable to fit music course credits into your schedule due to overload, then you can opt to take the class for “zero credits” by submitting a request to your ensemble director. (Note that if you are a scholarship recipient, this will not affect your award amount.)  

Q: How much is the scholarship amount?

A: For those that qualify for a music scholarship, the amount and number of scholarships awarded vary each year based on the availability of funds and students’ needs. Those who apply and audition earlier for the scholarship typically have a greater chance of being awarded due to there being more funds available. Keep in mind that music scholarships will appear in your student financial aid package, so it’s important that you complete your general SEU application and FAFSA before an award letter can be issued.

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For admission-related questions, contact your enrollment counselor, or our Office of Admission at 800.500.8760 or

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