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You Belong With SEU

SEU is more than a place to get an education.

It’s a place to belong.

…to find community.

…to gain the confidence you want.

…to grow the faith you need.

…to learn to live out your calling.

 As you discover and develop your God-given, unique purpose — your Divine Design — friends and mentors will be with you every step of the way.

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Deciding to come to SEU by June 1 comes with some great perks! SEU has a rolling application deadline, which means you have some extra time to make a decision, but making your decision now means you’ll get… 

Will I belong?

You Won't Just Fit In... You'll Belong

From the moment you step onto campus, you’ll be immersed in a caring community where there are as many things to do as there are people to share them with. You’ll discover countless ways to meet the friends that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Plus, you’ll develop your leadership skills, be poured into by mentors, and discover a strong community that champions you in all you do.

We'll Do Life With You

When you get to college, you don’t have to have everything all figured out on day one. In fact, no one expects you to! We’ll help you adjust to college life and make sure this chapter of your story is one of your most memorable yet. Check out these student experience highlights! 

  • First Year Experience (FYE) —  This journey, designed just for first year students, includes courses that give you a strong foundation for success, small group meetings, and lots of opportunities to make connections.
  • Campus Clubs & Events — Whether you love huge gatherings or prefer small groups, SEU’s wide variety of campus events, activities, and organizations come in all sizes and formats. You’ll find more than 40 student clubs and organizations, like professional organizations, hobbies, intramurals, and service. Plus, many of our campus events are part of long-running traditions — the kind you can look back on with a huge smile.
  • Spiritual Formation — Plan campus chapel services and SEU Conference, lead worship with SEU Worship, or be an integral part of an SEU Missions trip (or lead one yourself!)
  • Student Success — From campus to career, our job is to help you to be as successful as possible. That’s why we provide you with a wide variety of support services making it easy to find the help you want and the resources that you need.
  • Mentorship Mentorship is an important part of the SEU experience. From faculty to staff to resident directors to coaches, your mentors are here to help you grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Early Orientation — Jumpstart your journey at SEU by attending Early Orientation! These events are the perfect way to discover everything that's waiting for you as a member of the Fire Family, get your questions answered, and feel prepared well in advance of your arrival this fall. Register Here.

Can I Afford It?

Your Amazing College Experience at SEU is Affordable!

We get it. College is a significant investment.

That’s why we work with you to help you get the maximum amount of scholarships, grants, and more. (In fact, most students end up paying a lot less than they originally thought).

Need Help? Connect with your enrollment counselor or Student Financial Services.

Did You Know? 99% of SEU students receive some form of financial aid!

Where Will I Live?

Come Home to SEU

Sunshine, palm trees, gorgeous weather…you’re not on vacation, you’re at SEU! Once you’re here, you’ll see right away why our campus is the perfect place to be as you discover your calling.

Explore Campus Amenities

Living on campus at SEU means more than having a comfy place to sleep and study; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with your campus community. And, all housing is within walking distance to everything on campus. 

Every part of the awesome on-campus living experience at SEU
has been designed just for you. 

Did You Know? You can get matched with a roommate with our My College Roomie system!

What Will I Study?

We Have Your Major!

More and more students are entering college unsure of their major or potential career path, so SEU has completely redesigned our degree programs to meet you right where you are. You have the space to explore your interests without losing valuable time or being penalized for discovering a new path. Even if you’re confident in your choice of major and career path, these resources will give you a strong foundation of diverse learning options.

Foundational Core Experience

The completely revamped SEU Foundational Core Experience will help you explore your calling, feel more confident in your choice of major, and ultimately set you up for a high level of success after graduation

Divine Design Courses

As a component of the SEU Foundational Core Experience, your Divine Design courses give you the space to participate in practicum/experiential learning options, earn a certificate, declare a minor (or two!), declare a double major, and complete general elective courses.

P.S. Are you transferring to SEU from another school, and wonder how your credits will be applied to continuing your degree journey? We’ve got you — visit our Transfer Student page for all the details you need.

Discover Your Major Mindset

When it comes to choosing a major, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. That’s why we’ve created this quiz* to help get you thinking about your potential career path!

*Note: This quiz is intended only as a helpful tool in discerning your potential major. The results will in no way affect your application to SEU and will not pre-select a major for you. Remember, SEU’s Career Services team offers plenty of resources to help you throughout your college journey.

Is It Worth It?

Is it Worth It? Yes!

Looking at the value of college means seeing more than just dollar signs. Attending a Christian university is a worthwhile investment. At SEU, we firmly believe that our campus culture and commitment to integrating faith into our classrooms helps students not only to maintain their faith, but also to make it stronger. SEU students are encouraged in their spiritual walk and maintain their Christian values as their faith grows and flourishes.

Did You Know?

SEU graduates are employed by some of the biggest and best-known companies! Locally, students find jobs at companies like Publix, Amazon, and Disney. Nationally, students have interned and been hired at notable places like the Smithsonian Institute, state and federal government offices, broadcast television, and many, many more. Our alumni find a high level of success in their post-graduate studies in all fields. In fact, our science alumni have been accepted to some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Baylor, and West Virginia.

A Guide Just for Parents

Starting college can be a time of questions and uncertainty — not just for you, but for your parents too. The entire process of college applications, acceptance decisions, finances, and preparation for starting classes can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Send this link to your parents to help them feel connected to your new “home away from home” at SEU, and get tips that will help you both begin to navigate this next exciting chapter!


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Your SEU Enrollment Counselor is your guide to admission, financial aid, and discovering all the excitement of student life. Find your enrollment counselor here. Your entire SEU enrollment team is here for you, too! In fact, we’ve added some extra office hours leading up to Decision Day, so be sure to reach out if you need us.

April 3–7 | 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

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May 1 – Decision Day | 9:00 AM – Midnight