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SEU Creative Work Requests

We have an immediate update for you!

SEU Creative is in the process of developing some new resources to help serve our university better, including you!

Between these developments and some large strategic enrollment projects, we’re currently limiting the scope of marketing requests we are able to accept. This may mean that your specific request will need to be reevaluated, delayed, or not fulfilled at this time. Regardless of the current way forward, please know that we are considering all requests carefully and are doing our best to fulfill as many as we can.

An SEU Creative representative will connect with you on the status of your request within 14 business days to let you know whether your request will move forward or be put on hold.

It’s a joy to further SEU’s mission and serve students worldwide with you!

If you have any questions, please email

SEU Creative provides marketing, branding, and related services for all SEU departments. To request a service, please submit the appropriate form below.

If you do not see a form that matches your request, please email .

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Note: The final completion date is dependent on the volume of requests currently experienced by marketing. Marketing will confirm the estimated timeline for a request’s completion. Please give ample time by submitting a request as far in advance as possible. Thank you!

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    • Web page (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      New pages or updates to existing pages
    • Web form (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      Electronic forms for event registration, fundraising, voting, reservations, etc.

    Conference/Event Marketing or Media Needs

    • Conference/Event marketing (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      Media, booth, or other marketing materials for an upcoming event or conference

    Creative Planning Meeting

    • Creative planning meeting (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks)
      Creative brainstorming/planning meeting with the SEU Creative team if you are not sure exactly what you would like to do

    Strategy Discussion

    • Strategy Discussion (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks)
      If your branding question is not answered in the quick reference guide or on, submit this request to meet with SEU Creative.

    Social Media Meeting

    • Social media meeting (Minimum timeline required: 2 weeks)
      Meeting with the SEU Creative team for assistance with social media planning or if you have an idea/event to be potentially featured on SEU socials.

    Graphic Design

    • Graphic Design (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      Design pieces such as social media graphics, presentation slides, etc., that will generally be used digitally and not printed.


    • New or updated print piece (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      Creation of or updates to brochures, posters, banners, postcards, schedules, vouchers, signage, etc.
    • Reprint (Minimum timeline required: 2 weeks)
      Reorder of printed items that do not need any changes.


    • Staff and faculty headshots (Minimum timeline required: 2 weeks)
      New or updated headshots for webpage, email, etc.
    • Existing photos (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks) 
      Requests for existing marketing photos for use in offices, hallways, documents, etc.
    • New photos (Minimum timeline required: 6 weeks)
      Scheduling of photos to be taken at an event, etc.


    • Video (Minimum timeline required: 8 weeks)
      Promotional videos, faculty or student highlight videos, etc.

    Branded Promo Items/Inventory from Storage

    • Branded Promo Items (Minimum timeline required: 8 weeks)
      Giveaways, (e.g. t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc.) that need to be custom ordered.
    • Storage/Inventory (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks)
      Delivery of inventory items (e.g., envelopes, print pieces, etc.) in marketing’s storage to your office.

    Name Badges & Business Cards

    • Name badges (Minimum timeline required: 2 weeks)
      New or updated employee badge.
    • Business cards (Minimum timeline required: 2 weeks)
      New or updated cards.

    Office Sign Inserts

    • Office sign inserts (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks)
      New or updated office sign inserts for existing office signage.


    • Email (Minimum timeline required: 4 weeks)
      Email design for newsletters, events, program highlights, etc.

    Faculty Bios