2024 FAFSA Information Guide

Log In Instructions

Information for Accepted Students

After you have been accepted to SEU, you’ll receive a welcome email from helpdesk@seu.edu, sent to the email address provided when you completed your application. This email will include your student ID number, which you’ll use to set up your SEU account.  

Account Activation Steps

  1. Visit seu.onelogin.com.
  2. Click on Forgot Password to set up your password for the first time.
  3. Enter your SEU email address. 
  4. Choose Email as your Authentication Factor
  5. Check your personal email address for an email invitation link from OneLogin.
    (If you do not see the email within a few minutes, check your spam folder.)

SEU Username & ID Number

Your SEU username is your first and middle initial and last name.*
Example: John A. Smith
Username: jasmith

Your SEU ID number will be emailed to you from helpdesk@seu.edu.

*Note: On the rare occasion that someone else shares this same combination of letters and last name, a number will also be added to your email address.

Additional Support & Information

Follow the steps outlined in this document to set up your SEU account and Single Sign-On access, which includes your SEU email address and access to all necessary systems.

Setup Instructions

Follow the steps outlined in this document to set up multi-factor authentication, which is necessary to access your SEU Single Sign-On account.

MFA Setup Instructions

Opt In/Opt Out SMS Instructions

In order to meet the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students must set up permissions for parents or others whom they want to provide access to their SEU accounts. Learn more and get started here.

The SEU Financial Aid Portal (Net Partner), is the site used to manage your financial aid package and has a separate account setup and login process. Learn how to log in to the SEU Financial Aid Portal (Net Partner) here.

SEU Accounts

Your SEU student account access includes:

  • MyPortal (JICS) Student Information System — Class registration, grades, and financial information/bill payment
  • MyFire — Class syllabi and assignments
  • GMail — Your SEU email account (the official communication venue of SEU)
  • MySEU — Orientation information, campus events, and other services

SEU accounts are equipped with single sign-on, so once you are logged in to your dashboard, you will be able to access all of these systems.

Please note that this access is separate from the SEU Financial Aid Portal (Net Partner), which is the site used to manage your financial aid package. Learn how to log in to he SEU Financial Aid Portal (Net Partner) here.

View Your Virtual Orientation

Complete your virtual orientation before classes begin to help you feel more prepared for the new semester. Click the link below corresponding to your student type to get started.