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SEU Trades

An Innovative Way to Learn a Trade

Can’t decide between trade school or college? At SEU, you can do both!

SEU Trades meets industry needs by training a new generation of spiritually-formed, skilled professionals to serve Christ, their communities, and their churches. SEU is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic, faith-based curriculum while at the same time training for specific trades.

A repairman wearing a checkered shirt is repairing an air conditioning unit with a screwdriver.

Degree Programs

The initial launch of SEU Trades includes these degrees.



Corporate partners are invited to contact us to discuss ideas for the development future programs in additional industries.

Program Benefits

For Students

Get mentored

The connections you make as an SEU Trades student will give you a network within your trade to serve as mentors, future employers, and colleagues.

Earn while you learn

Complete an apprenticeship in your field and earn a paycheck as you earn your associate or bachelor's degree.


With a combination of online and on-the-job learning, your training provides maximum flexibility.

Career readiness

Be prepared to step into a new career upon program completion.

All abilities welcome

These programs will set you on your desired career path even if you have no prior experience.


Classes will be affordable, and financial aid options will be available.

For Corporate Partners

Be a mentor

Being instrumental in the development of future professionals is a wonderful way to give back, and help promote the future of your industry.

Recruit top talent

Your partnership with SEU Trades will give you the opportunity to train and work with the "up and coming" top professionals of your industry.

Customized programming

Partners are invited to work with us to develop these trade programs in ways that will meet the needs of your business and your industry as a whole.

Increase employee retention

Employers who invest in their employees' education see many types of returns on their investment, including reduced turnover and increased employee loyalty.

Strengthen your industry

The more highly-trained employees that enter the trades professions, the more your industry can grow and adapt to the evolving needs of your customers and communities.

 Note: While SEU trades will prepare students for trade licensing and industry certifications, students will not be required to complete these as part of the program.

The Importance of Trades

Christians hold the key to both skilled apprenticeship and spiritual discipleship. We seek to be like Jesus in all we do — and He learned a skilled trade, studied Scripture, and discipled others. 

Through SEU Trades, we will serve industry, the church, and the Kingdom by offering skilled labor programs, mentor-rich apprenticeships, and spiritual formation as part of our menu of access to affordable and accessible higher education.

SEU has a long history of creating innovative solutions to fulfill educational needs.

  • When churches needed leadership pipelines that combined biblical education with church internship development, SEU developed the partner site model.  
  • When homeschool networks needed college credit to affirm the value and calling to home-centered, parent-led education, we developed concurrent credit models. 
  • When partners like OneHope international and EDI Global needed education to invest and transform global communities, SEU developed collaborative access models that deliver low-cost, modular, and scalable education. 

Today, we are facing a new need.

Major workforce shortages are forecasted in multiple trade professions in the coming years.

Christian higher education, with its roots in Bible colleges and ministry training, has not yet developed a trades differential to train people to fill these critical positions within the workforce. Rather, the trades education sector has been housed in for-profit institutions and community colleges. 

SEU Trades will bridge that gap by providing trade education through a Christian worldview.

Learning Model

The innovative learning model of SEU Trades combines the best of both trades education and college coursework.

While much of the learning will take place on the job — which will set you up for success in securing a job post-graduation — online classes that are more “traditional” in format are also part of the program. However, these courses focus specifically on your chosen field and apply directly to your trade. 


Corporate Partners

Glenn Barnard
Executive Director, SEU Trades

SEU Trades Students

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