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Federal Work Study

About Federal Work Study

SEU is proud to offer multiple opportunities for our students to gain work experience and offset their college expenses while they are earning their degrees.

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid award that allows you to work on campus, or with an approved off-campus employer, to earn money to help pay for educational expenses or for life expenses.

  • FWS is not a grant, because you must work to earn it, and it not a loan, because you don’t have to repay it.
  • FWS is a way to gain work experience and a way to offset your college expenses.
  • Learn more about FWS by reviewing the information in this page from the Department of Education.
  • FWS students are not limited to working only FWS positions, however, the FWS benefit is only applied to FWS-approved positions. These approved positions are denoted with “FWS” in the Student Positions list.


You must submit a FAFSA each school year before your eligibility for FWS can be determined.

Once approved for FWS, you must remain enrolled in at least a half time number of credits. The minimum for half time is at least 6 credits for undergraduate students and at least 4 credits for graduate students.

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at


Federal Work Study is a need-based award as outlined above. Not all student worker positions qualify for FWS, and some positions are only available to FWS students. These approved positions are denoted with “FWS” in the Student Positions list.

Student Worker Positions are positions that any student can apply for. These positions may or may not be FWS eligible.

Work study funding is limited and is not included in all students’ award packages. Priority is given to those who applied for financial aid early, and if you’re eligible, it will be included on your financial aid award letter.

Note: Qualified students are put on a waiting list if FWS is not initially awarded.

If you’ve been offered work-study, it is your responsibility to find a position to secure the funds. Check out the Student Positions employment section for available positions. Once you have a job, be sure to contact or visit Student Financial Services to find out your next steps. It is essential that you do this prior to reporting to work.

If you are unable to secure a job, the funds will be removed and offered to an eligible student on our waiting list. 


Sorry, but if you are an international student under an F-1 visa, you are not eligible to work under FWS. Contact the office of International Student Services & Enrollment to discuss your options for working while you attend SEU.

Multiple departments hire students into part-time positions that do not require work-study eligibility. Check out the Student Positions employment section for available positions.

Yes, provided you work through one of our established partnerships with local nonprofits and government agencies. These organizations strive to enhance the quality of life for residents—especially low-income individuals—within the Polk County area. These positions are available to FWS students only and enable you to engage in meaningful service that is designed to meet community needs. Available community service positions will be noted on the individual job description. Note that vehicle transportation is required for these positions and travel expenses are not reimbursable.

You will receive a paycheck just like any other job. The funds are not automatically applied to your student account at SEU. If you want to use the money you earn in FWS toward your educational expenses, contact Student Financial Services for assistance.